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My Barn Conversion


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Building Progress August 2012

Update on building progress during August 2012…

Turn in the stair…

Oak staircase, white clay painted walls, oak beam and ‘bag rub pointed’ masonry wall… From Barn Conversion 2012 It’s these places in the barn where differing materials and finishes meet and harmonise that work really well. @Cornish_Lime a recent acquaintance via Twitter have a article on their website about the bag rub finish worth a […]

Limewash recipe

The limewashed gable-end of the barn, done in October 2008 needs a bit of a touch-up so I’ve been looking for a ‘recipe’ for limewash. The builder who originally limewashed it for me used a bagged hydrated lime mixed with water in something like a 3/4:1 (75kg/100kg water:25kg lime) mix. But as I’ve still got […]

Repointing – done!

It is with a mixed sense of delight (at having no more pointing to do) and dismay (at having no more pointing to do) that I can report that I’ve completed repointing the barn. There’s still work to be done on pointing the garden walls and the arches over the original windows and doors still […]

Pointing with lime mortar ~ Part 3 = Technique

Lime Pointing Tips Here’s my take on how to go about pointing with a lime based mortar – others may have differing guidelines – this is very much my take. This post is this third in the series. In the first instalment, I covered the tools of the (pointing) trade. The second instalment was about […]

Pointing with lime mortar ~ Part 2 = Mortar

Lime Pointing Tips As I near the end of my repointing opus magnum I feel a little more qualified to advise on pointing with lime mortar than on most of the subjects I blather on about on this blog. So here’s my take on all things lime mortar related – others may have differing guidelines […]

Pointing with lime mortar ~ Part 1 = Tools

Lime Pointing Tips As I near the end of my repointing opus magnum I feel a little more qualified to advise on pointing with lime mortar than on most of the subjects I blather on about on this blog. So here’s my take on all things lime mortar related – others may have differing guidelines […]

Lime Pointing ~ time trial

I’m trying to get the pointing finished this year, but it drags on and I could do with a change of scene. So although I’ve not yet finished the northern gable end I decided to finish the more straight-forward and visible back wall. I’d completed all along the bottom of the back wall – up […]

Lime pointing ~ before pictures

As much time as I’ve spent on pointing and all the ancillary activities such as moaning, evangelising and generally bumping-my-gums about pointing, I’ve just realised, I’ve not posted a great deal of evidence related to my actually doing any pointing. To address this, I thought a range of before photographs, showing the walls of the […]

Insulation ~ Foamed Glass

A strong yet light insulator, foamed glass is suitable for load bearing applications especially those demanding water and vapour resistance. Lies, damn lies & statistics… Don’t agree? Know better? Got a real world example to share? Are you a manufacturer or supplier with something to say? This isn’t a one way street, we really want […]

Step 10 = floor

… floor levels are dictated by a heady blend of building reg’s, foundations, ceiling height and final finishes – you need to consider each of these – tricky! What goes into the floor? Literally – hardcore, sand, insulation, a damp proof membrane – in many parts of the UK this will need to also be […]


One solution I’m considering for the seemingly porous stone gable-end wall is to repoint and dub-out the joints between stones where necessary then whitewash it to provide a greater degree of rain protection. What I’m wondering about this is how much work this would save over a time consuming hack out of damaged or cracked […]

Lime Wall Pointing

Having fed my lime pointing addiction over the last few weeks, my overall approach is established: To begin with the lime mortar is generally sound, if crumbly in places and needing some attention. After hacking back there are some deep areas needing extensive filling and other areas that remain mainly intact. Pointing is done using […]

Lime Pointing Update

So I’ve managed to go an get myself a new hobby, which is really the last thing I need at the moment as I have more than enough to fill my days as it is. I must admit, I’ve been bitten by the pointing bug. I’ve also had my first experience of lime in the […]

Lime Analysis

Inspired to analyse the composition of my mortar, I improvised and placed a lump of mortar that I’d levered out of my wall in the strongest acid I could lay my hands on – white wine vinegar 8% acidity. The vinegar was surprisingly successful in dissolving the lime (with a rather attractive bubbling that makes […]

Lucious Lime

After my ‘introduction to lime’ course I have a great fear that I may be joining the ranks of sustainable / healthy / traditional / vernacular building fanatics – those guys who, have a glint in their eye (perhaps caused by a small fleck of caustic lime) and a passion in their speech when discussing […]

Working with Lime Mini-site

I’ve spent many a happy hour over the last fours years or so working on repointing the barn.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at working with lime, especially doing pointing or repointing work on masonry walls, then please take a look at my pointing with lime mortar three part series that will hopefully provide some useful information. Part 1 is about the Tools you’ll need, Part 2 is about Mortar and Part 3 is about pointing Technique.


You can find some lime repointing related pictures at my Picasa gallery.

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