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My Barn Conversion


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The Fallen Bough

Earlier in the year, with much help from a neighbour I cut-down a partly fallen bough from the large Scots pine tree that stands at the top of the yard.

Building Progress ~ March 2012

Update on building progress during March 2012…

Biomass Boilers

With a small patch of woodland containing mainly young ash trees, a patch of willow around the pond and plenty of hedges I’ve long been interested in the potential for burning ‘home-grown’ biomass, from chips, through twigs to logs. So I thought a review of the domestic biomass boiler options was in order… There are […]

Building Progress ~ March 2011

Update on building progress during March 2011…

Building Progress ~ February 2011

Update on building progress during February 2011…

A walk in the woods…

TRF and I went for a walk in the woods on Sunday. It’s been a while since I’ve been there, except to dump ashes from the fire. From Barn Conversion 2011 TRF told me that the brambles have been placed there by dragons – must be to keep us away… There is plenty of growth […]

Cornwall 2010

I picked up on a few ‘nuggets’ of inspiration on our recent trip to Cornwall…

Building Progress ~ September 2010

Update on building progress during September 2010…
‘Seems like I’ve been repointing for ever…’

If only all the new houses…

‘If only all the new houses in our villages were being built of timber and cob…’


‘… Bowsaws have the supreme advantage of being quiet and allowing you to work at your own human pace. …’

Coppicing ash trees

The process of coppicing is pretty straight-forward, this post shows you how…

Tree Planting – Winter 2010

I planted hazel and silver birch trees just after new year 2010…

Future Fuel

I have plans to start managing my half and acre of woodland…

Logs 2

The ice, snow and freezing temperatures of winter 2010 make a favourite quote of mine come to mind…


I really enjoy Roger Deakin’s book ‘Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees’…

Woodland Garden

Way back in 2007 I put a small raised bed into a clearing in our patch of woodland. We had some old sleepers that needed moving away from the barn and this seemed like a sensible thing to do with them. The bed has a weed control liner and 10 to 12 inches of mixed […]

Woodland Mini-site

Woodland management

Woodland mini-site

The barn is in a rural location and sits within some land, some of the land is wooded.

With a heating system consisting of solar thermal hot water panels and a multi-fuel stove, there is a need for fuel to burn. That most of that fuel should come from the woodland and that woodland be properly managed seems to be the most natural thing in the world.

To the right are a summary of the posts on My Barn Conversion related to woodland management.

There’s also a slideshow of my woodland photographs on Picasa – click on any picture to get a better view of them…

Finally, I’ve given some relevant and hopefully interesting links below.



Coed Lleol is a site that ‘aims to help more people enjoy and care for woodlands in Wales’. A interesting read with links off to further sites.

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity. Some interesting reading on their website and the Shop is recommended – not cheap, but good quality trees.

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