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The Stirling prize 2012 winner – the Sainsbury Laboratory

Category: Architecture October 16th, 2012 by mbc

So the Stirling prize was won by what seemed to be a long shot. I think two things blinded me to the potential of the eventual winner – the Sainsbury Laboratory. The first, the association with a supermarket (boo-hiss), or at least with the family that setup the supermarket. The second, the fact it was a lab, just how interesting can a laboratory be?…

Well, seemingly very interesting, very motivational and very inspirational, both as a piece of architecture and as a place to work. I must admit that my initial impression of some of elevations was that they were a little third-Reich (albeit a softened, gardened third-Reich). Having taken another look, with newly opened eyes, I have one thing to say…

I wish I worked there.

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