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My Barn Conversion


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Category: Barn Conversion Journal July 6th, 2012 by mbc

I’ve been doing a lot of painting recently. I like to take the opportunity to take an occasional photo to break up the monotony, otherwise, it’s all a bit like watching paint dry at the same time as slapping new paint on…

From Barn Conversion 2012

I’m quite pleased with my purple / brown / gray dressing area…

From Materials

…an interesting colour that ‘in the flesh’ looks nothing like the colour on the photograph and varies throughout the day under differing lighting.

I feel there’ll be more fascinating paint related posts coming soon (sorry!)…

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Gas Pipeline Woes
A rainbow rose over the pipeline today! I must admit I loathe the thing.

category: ‘Barn Conversion Journal

Pears ~ help needed!
We have a few fruit trees just behind the barn.

category: ‘Barn Conversion Journal

Building Progress ~ November 2007, week 3 and 4
Through to the end of November progress has been mainly on filling back in what has been taken out! The original internal floors were removed and extra excavation carried out to…

tag: ‘Progress

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  1. Home Insulation Says:

    Hi there, thanks for sharing this with us. Im glad you took the time. Can you advise me on what method you used to remove the white wash, Im doing a very similar barn but with about 7 coats on lime wash!! trying to work out the best method of removing this and balancing time and cost. Many thanks

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