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My Barn Conversion


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Category: Barn Conversion Journal July 6th, 2012 by mbc

I’ve been doing a lot of painting recently. I like to take the opportunity to take an occasional photo to break up the monotony, otherwise, it’s all a bit like watching paint dry at the same time as slapping new paint on…

From Barn Conversion 2012

I’m quite pleased with my purple / brown / gray dressing area…

From Materials

…an interesting colour that ‘in the flesh’ looks nothing like the colour on the photograph and varies throughout the day under differing lighting.

I feel there’ll be more fascinating paint related posts coming soon (sorry!)…

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  1. Home Insulation Says:

    Hi there, thanks for sharing this with us. Im glad you took the time. Can you advise me on what method you used to remove the white wash, Im doing a very similar barn but with about 7 coats on lime wash!! trying to work out the best method of removing this and balancing time and cost. Many thanks

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