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Building Progress ~ May 2012

Category: Barn Conversion Journal June 13th, 2012 by mbc

Slightly, thin pickings to report again for May.

I’ve continued with painting the internal door frames. I’m using the really lovely Little Greene oil based undercoat and eggshell paint. It’s really nice paint to work with, coats well with a just-right, single cream consistency. I can still make a great mess with it, drips abound and they’ve not yet managed to get the skin-repellent attributes of this paint correct – I still get it all over my hands and arms…

The door frames themselves have taken a lot of preparation as I’ve filled nail and knot holes and used caulk to fill any gaps between pieces of timber. I think they’ll look good once completed.

With the brushes out and with my mind turned toward painting, I also got around to painting the utility room which still retained its unpainted plaster walls. Earthborn Claypaint another favourite product of mine was the order of the day here.

On the tiling front, I finished grouting the splash-back in the utility room and the final piece of tiling in the ensuite bathroom. Those two just need cleaning and treating before they can be considered the finished article.

Grass has been a major challenge. The grass seed & fertiliser my brother provided for me is providing enough growth to keep a small herd of Friesians happy. My poor lawn mower simply can’t cope without me pushing down on the back of mower and the front wheels hovering six inches above the ground. I managed to hack my way through it a few weekends ago, a job to be repeated again shortly.

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