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Not been here for some time…

Category: Site Announcements May 18th, 2012 by mbc

I’ve been pretty lax on this site for a few weeks now. My excuse is good as I’ve been getting to know my new daugther, Amy, born on the 14th of April.

But now regretably it’s back to work and back to MyBarnConversion…

As work at the barn is now nearing an end (at least of the current phase of work), this site will be taking a slightly different direction reflecting my interests in sustainability, building, construction, homes and property.

Amongst others, I’ve got posts on architects, Lloyd Khan, tree surgery, VAT and the Raspberry Pi coming up soon…

If you enjoyed that post, then read these…

Design Patterns @ architypes
As should be pretty obvious to any regular reader of this site, I’m pretty keen on the use of design patterns to ensure the goodness-of-fit between building plans and specifications…

category: ‘Site Announcements

Passive Solar Design as a Word Cloud
One of the (admittedly very dull) things that I spend quite a lot of time thinking about and experimenting with is the presentation of information.

category: ‘Site Announcements

Maintenance [really does] matter
I discovered a great source of information on the maintenance and restoration of old buildings on the new Maintenance Matters website.

category: ‘Site Announcements

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