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Category: Site Announcements November 17th, 2011 by mbc

This blog has taken a bit of a kicking recently from big brother Google who came along with his ‘Panda’ and gave us right going over. (For the uninitiated, Panda is a rolling update to the algorithm Google uses to produce search results that has been creating uproar across the web for most of 2011).

Traffic to the site has halved since the middle of October when the impact of the update began to bite. I find that quite upsetting and discouraging – for me the main reward of running a blog is feeling you’re communicating with your ‘audience’. When that audience is chopped in half then that feels bad.

But I’ll soldier on and try and fix anything that I guess Google doesn’t like… and that’s the real problem. I don’t do anything on this site that’s untoward or underhand. I write all the content myself and run a few Amazon links and Google adverts – so in reality I haven’t got a clue what has led to this downgrade and Google won’t / don’t tell. They provide guidelines and high-level advice but when it comes to specifics – there’s nothing.

I’ll take the opportunity to tidy things up and give the site a facelift. I’ll reread up on what I should be doing and hopefully win back some of my previous visitors. Expect a few changes around here over coming days and weeks…

Things should look a little different already…

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