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After #4… Second Bedroom

Category: Barn Conversion Journal October 14th, 2011 by mbc

After my post about lots of befores made up of pictures of locations before I started work on them here’s another after

This photograph is a bit of a cheat… I’m really pleased with the second bedroom now that it’s been painted and had an oak floor and a radiator cover fitted, BUT it’s virtually impossible to take a photograph that does it justice. The shape of the room doesn’t help, the light in the room doesn’t help and the straight lines of the flue, window, radiator cover and curtain rail throw an odd angle or strange perspective into every picture I’ve taken. So, I present a slightly cheaty, mean and moody, edited ‘slice’ of the second bedroom.

The next job in this room is to build the cabin bed that I’ve promised my son. I’ve just had a couple of carpentry and joinery books delivered from Amazon to supplement the old school text book that I found in my fathers house. A couple of jobs to finish and I really need to learn how to use my electric router before I can start.

Second Bedroom

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