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Lots of befores…

Category: Barn Conversion Journal July 19th, 2011 by mbc

I seem to have been uploading a lot of before pictures to my Picasa account recently – photographs of piles of soil, holes in the ground, unfinished interiors and unbuilt things.

For most of these there’s already an accompanying after, as I’ve at last been making progress and things are getting finished. Well, maybe not finished – I ‘never’ like to say ‘never’ and there’s always some improvement to be made – but certainly things have changed. I’m guess I’m just not very good at photographing the after, I move on to the next thing as soon as I finish something and forget what’s been achieved.

So, as a prompt to myself and in an attempt to make me start photographing those afters, here are some before photographs, for which I’ll take after photographs this coming weekend to share…

Second Bedroom

Chaos, bloody chaos…

From Barn Conversion 2011
From Barn Conversion 2011

The Yard between the Barns

Soon to be lush green grass…

From Barn Conversion 2011

Land drains around the unpaved parts of the barn

From Barn Conversion 2011
From Barn Conversion 2011
From Barn Conversion 2011
From Barn Conversion 2011

The Kitchen step (half built)

From Barn Conversion 2011

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The ‘garden’
With the snow now gone I’m able to photograph the ‘garden’ – or perhaps this patch of soil and rocks is better described as the ‘prospective garden’.

category: ‘Barn Conversion Journal

Building Progress ~ August 2011
The mediocre weather has allowed the outdoor work to continue.

tag: ‘Progress

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