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Building Progress ~ April 2011

Category: Barn Conversion Journal May 11th, 2011 by mbc

With the good weather continuing working outside has been my main occupation.

The flag-stone fronted raised bed at the bottom of the main garden slope has been completed.

On the pointing front, I’ve still got just a couple of patches to finish – smaller patches than they were in March as I’ve been able to spend a couple of days pointing recently. I’ve completed all the easy bits with the two remaining patches requiring some enabling work – I’ve extended the concrete pad that the gas bottles stand on so the bottles can now be moved to allow me to complete the pointing behind them and I still need to move the TV aerial to complete the pointing around it. The problem I have with the aerial is the thickness of the walls – I’m really struggling to get a hole through the wall that I can pass the aerial cable through permanently… that’ll be next weekends job. The need for some kind of permanent, open duct or channel from inside to outside (obviously with doors, suitable insulation etc.) is one of those features that with hind-sight I should have allowed for. There are a few places where we’ve gone from inside to out – various vents and water overflows – all of which have been opened and then permanently closed off again with no allowance for future usage. Next time!

The oak lintels over the south facing windows have had another couple of coats of wood preservative and they really catch the weather.

I’ve spent a lot of time this month preparing the ground at the back of the barn for laying to lawn. After a couple of doses of weed-killer then many a happy hour or ten of raking out stones and roots I got the ground prepared eventually. Fertiliser and the seed went down last weekend – pictures are here.

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