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Category: Site Announcements March 23rd, 2011 by mbc

I’m carrying out some work on the site at the moment – so any oddities, errors or omissions are probably due to that. Back to the usual (ir)regular service soon…

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Design Patterns @ architypes
As should be pretty obvious to any regular reader of this site, I’m pretty keen on the use of design patterns to ensure the goodness-of-fit between building plans and specifications…

category: ‘Site Announcements

Maintenance [really does] matter
I discovered a great source of information on the maintenance and restoration of old buildings on the new Maintenance Matters website.

category: ‘Site Announcements

Welsh Slate
I have a very small amount of slate roofing to do and I was very pleased to come across a website that contains some great data-sheets on how to go…

category: ‘Site Announcements

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  1. mbc Says:

    Changes are pretty much there now. We’re on the latest versions of software for both the main blog and the forum. I’ve also added a Captcha to hopefully cut down on spam on both forum and blog comments – hopefully they’ll both work, and not get in the way too much.

    I think I can feel a new theme coming on…

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