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Something I’m grateful to the planners for is the internal flue from the stove. If I’d had an option, without thinking, I’d probably have placed it outside running up the wall externally and in doing so lost an awful lot of heat. Instead, as required by the planners (my plans didn’t show where the flue ran and I was ‘informed’ that a reapplication for an external flue was likely to be rejected) it runs internally and keeps the bedroom (more of a store room at the moment) that it passes through lovely and warm with heat we’d otherwise have lost.

From Barn Conversion 2011

I was originally worried that it would be an eye-sore, but I quite like it – an industrial touch in a rural setting.

From Barn Conversion 2011

Author: mbc

This is the story of MY barn conversion

2 thoughts on “Internal flue”

  1. Mbc, just be aware that your exposed twin wall flue system in the first floor and above should be boxed or protected against combustable materials being able to fall or lay up against the insulated flue system.per Document J Building Regs 2010

  2. Thanks Andy,

    To my reading I believe some kind of guard meets building reg’s so that’s the option I’ll take –

    Document J Building Regs 2010, section 1.45 – ‘where a chimney passes through a … storage space … providing a guard…’

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