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Shelving and storage

Category: Barn Conversion Journal January 26th, 2011 by mbc

I have a lot of shelving and storage to build, install or buy for the barn. At the moment there is very little real storage. That makes things nice and open – no big closed in furniture and nice uncluttered walls, but it’s not very practical.

In my usual way, I’ve been trawling the web for options and I thought I’d share what I’ve found so far. Any further recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’d love to build-my-own, but I’m not so sure that a) my carpentry skills are up to it (not that that has stopped me yet) or b) where to buy suitable wood from – the stuff in DIY stores never really looks to have the quality I’d like.

Anyway, this is what I’ve found so far…

Wooden shelving

Shelfstore – “For over 25 years we have been providing shelving solutions for all around the home and office, shops, schools… The list is endless.”

The Shelfstore shelving system looks to be very flexible and comprehensive, if a little piney (by which I mean I’m not so keen on a plain pine finish) for my tastes.

The high (expensive) end…

Not really what I need, but I really like Vitsoe shelving.
Vitsoe hanging rail - starter collection

Vitsoe – “For 50 years Vitsœ has stood against product obsolescence, which means you can still add shelves to your old system.”

I’ve been trying to convince myself that the Vitsoe ‘starter collection – hanging rail’ (pictured right) is just what I need for the dressing area / the strange 1 metre wide space – but I’ve not managed to do so yet.

Then for everything from shelves, to sliding doors, to drawers and coat hooks there’s Elfa. A great design & storage solutions company.

Elfa – “For 60 years Elfa has been the market innovator and leader in the storage category.”

Elfa products are available in the UK through >> : (EDIT: alternative URL supplied by Simon at

The DIY Option

When it comes to a DIY option this one, developed by the author of the blog looks to be an easy and effective option. It utilises plumbing pipes for much of the structure which is a little strange, but I like the finished product…
Elfa – “…we’re renovating a mid century cement brick house in the middle of retirement hell, making it awesome and doing it on a budget.”

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