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Step 11 = space usage and purpose

Category: Steps along the way September 23rd, 2010 by mbc

… Rooms – what, where and why?

I think in the UK we take a strange approach to consideration of houses, judging a potential home, first and foremost by reference to its number of bedrooms. Forget the rest of the space and all the other essential functions of a home, just think bedrooms…

Steps along the way…

When I started MyBarnConversion I meant to share some quick and easy yet hopefully valuable tips in a ‘Steps along the way’ series of short posts.

That series fell by the wayside, but now I’ve brought it back. Use the link above for a full list of my tips.

Early on in your design it’s essential that you take a step back and consider all the purposes that the space under your roof needs to accommodate and the ways in which this can be achieved without allocating a specific room to each.

For example, the second bedroom at the barn will accommodate a cabin bed, a desk and a bed-settee thus allowing it to function as my son’s bedroom, a study and an occasional guest bedroom – 3-in-1!

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