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Building Progress ~ June 2010

Category: Barn Conversion Journal July 19th, 2010 by mbc

Oh dear … the June update passed me by, so here in brief and from some distance (19th July) is a summary of progress…

I have completed under-coating all the windows twice with ‘eco friendly’ Farrow and Ball paint.

Floor laying was slowed by my inflamed knee. My right knee stopped working altogether at one point and kept me from work for a couple of days – bit of a worry when I couldn’t lift my foot off the floor for, but thankfully all better now.

Doors are bought and due to be installed shortly.

We’ve also started planning what to do in the back ‘garden’. Currently a bramble and nettle overgrown lump of ground rising behind the barn – hopefully it can be transformed into a useable and enjoyable garden. There’ll be more on this in coming weeks.

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