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Building Progress ~ May 2010

Category: Barn Conversion Journal June 14th, 2010 by mbc

May has been a painting month. I started painting the exterior window frames in April and by the end of May I have almost completed under-coating all the windows (twice!). The ‘eco friendly’ Farrow and Ball paint we chose goes on quite nicely, but definitely needs a second, albeit quicker to apply coat to give anything like an acceptable finish. I’ve taken to using blue decorators masking tape that costs a fortune (well £6 a roll for masking tape seems like a fortune to me) but does stick well and the contrast makes it slightly easier to get a tight fit between the tape and the woodwork.

I’ve also started laying my nomadic oak flooring on the landing. Jolly fine it looks as well. Although I’m concerned that the sore knees will slow progress [and as I write in mid June, I can confirm they have slowed progress]. I note yet another missed deadline having planned to have the floor installed by last (2009) Christmas … oh well!

Outside the vegetables are coming nicely – I’ve had plenty of rocket and the strawberries, peas and beans are certainly sprouting.

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