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Building Progress ~ April 2010

Category: Barn Conversion Journal May 10th, 2010 by mbc

April was…

I’ve not yet managed to wield my Fugenboy kit (‘a sealant joint tooling system that produces a professional finish with no tramlines’) to redo the sealant around the showers, but I have boxed-in the frame that the shower tray sits on with plywood ready for tiling and got on (a little bit) with boxing-in the pipe work in the main bathroom.

Outside, we made a start on taming the roses by running wires through ‘eyes’ (metal loops) along the top of the walls that we’ll use to restrain their more excessive growths. (Note the use of the word start above – another job started but not finished.) More importantly we’ve fenced in the pond, a job that will hopefully remove the image of small boys falling into it unsupervised from a number of peoples nightmares.

We’ve started painting the exterior window frames. The Farrow and Ball paint we chose, probably a couple of years ago now had to be ordered online as I needed a specific undercoat (number 15) to go with the desired Ball Green finish. I’d rather be able to buy materials such as paint in store for the convenience and availability – that said the F & B online ordering process was quick and efficient enough. After cleaning and sanding the windows are needing two coats of undercoat to give a consistent finish – I’ve not even opened the top-coat paint yet. I hadn’t released previously that all Farrow and Ball paint is now ‘eco friendly’ and they no longer produce any oil based paints – a tick in the green box for them and easier cleaning of brushes for me (or more accurately TC who usually gets the job of brush cleaning).

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