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Step 9 = walls

Category: Steps along the way March 29th, 2010 by mbc

…for a conversion your hands are usually tied but you’ll need to consider insulation, finishes and any remedial work.

First things first, will the walls remain or do they need to come down? I’m going to assume they will remain as afterall, this is a site about CONVERSION

Some questions to be answered…

Steps along the way…

When I started MyBarnConversion I meant to share some quick and easy yet hopefully valuable tips in a ‘Steps along the way’ series of short posts.

That series fell by the wayside, but now I’ve brought it back. Use the link above for a full list of my tips.

Will some areas of the walls need rebuilding? Will you need to underpin some sections of the walls for greater stability? Do you have cracks in the wall that will nessitate restitching or partial rebuilding?

Pointing – (mortar not fingers) will your walls need repointing? If so with what materials? You may need to research the original construction techniques and materials so that you can achieve a sympathetic result.

Insulation. Don’t forget that insulation can be placed both internally and externally in the form of render or cladding. External insulation can be a great way to avoid losing internal space.

Rendering, painting or washing. Is there any reason, cosmetic or practical that you may need to apply a covering to the wall. For example, I had the end wall of the barn rough pointed and whitewashed in a attempt to increase water tightness.

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2 Responses

  1. paul & wendy Says:

    hi,we are doing a sand stone barn conversion in tibberton some ways it is much like yours,do you mind if we ask a couple of questions
    1) what did you do for insulation on the external walls?
    2)where did you go for staircase and windows.
    Great to see someone else going for the managed woodland approach for fuel! we are going for electric under floor heating with view of putting in horizontal wind turbine, Right rest over off to float downstairs floors!
    Paul and |Wendy.

  2. mbc Says:

    Mine is a pretty straight-forward construction with walls insulated by Celotex insulation boards behind and within the internal stud walls.

    My staircase and windows are from a local company called Radford Bridge – I can recommend the quality and workmanship of their carpentry.

    Electric underfloor heating sounds pricey what sort of KW per m2 cost does that run at?

    Good Luck!

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