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Building Progress ~ February 2010

Category: Barn Conversion Journal March 8th, 2010 by mbc

As a consequence of my growing obessession with fire-wood I found myself buying a wood moisture meter that allows me to measure the moisture content of cut logs. You ideally need a moisture content of below 20%, although the intermittent 25%er won’t do too much harm. This handy gadget also allows me to measure the moisture content of formerly lost at sea oak flooring which has now acclimatised and measures in below the requisite 8%.

My kitchen sink splash back travertine tiling is progressing – I’ve decided that speed when tiling leads me to decreasing quality and an increased likelihood of entering regrouting hell, so I’ve decided to take my time and slow-down (As TRF is currently so keen on telling me from his elevated car seat from which he directs my driving).

All the trees I ordered are now planted so there are no excuses when it comes to getting on with work in the barn (except perhaps the occasional trip to cut some logs on a nearby farm). I’ve also decided not to plant my proposed willow trees this year – that one will go on the list for next year.

In my January update I worried about…

the distraction of the Six Nations rugby [being] too great…

…that was a mistake, as in fact this year, the Six Nations rugby itself isn’t too great (at least for the home nations)… let’s say no more on the matter.

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