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Building Progress ~ January 2010

Category: Barn Conversion Journal February 8th, 2010 by mbc

(Very) belated Happy New Year, so what has 2010 brought so far…

My formerly lost at sea oak flooring is spending January acclimatising and I plan to fit it, at least along the landing floor in February.

I’ve taken delivery and started fitting some mixed ‘brick’ shaped and mosaic travertine tiles that will be used as the kitchen sink splash backs and the back panel for the hob. I’m just hoping that my latest foray into the world of tiling can be quicker and more effective than the last one, the thought of regrouting anything again fills me with dread.

Apart from that I’ve been spending most of my time outside working on the ying/yang proposition of cutting down (or at least trimming) trees to plant new ones. It’s been nice to get outside, away from the tyranny of tiles…

I’ve also ordered several lots of seedlings, fruit plants and seeds from various suppliers all to be delivered over the course of the spring and summer. I’m hoping to be more successful in my foray into market gardening this time. Previous attempts have yielded little more than a crop or two of chillies and the occasional tomato.

…in short 2010 has brought little progress so far, I’ll put it down as an extended Christmas break and plan to power-on into the New Year from here (that’s if the distraction of the Six Nations rugby isn’t too great)…

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