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Oak floor adrift on the high seas…

Category: Barn Conversion Journal December 24th, 2009 by mbc

I ordered solid European oak flooring and associated underlay, fixings and tools from a flooring company (who will remain nameless for now) back October [Corrected]. The passing of time has made the details somewhat hazy, but I planned to get the floor in, at least on the landing, by Christmas and that included an allowance of three weeks for the wood to acclimatise to it’s new surroundings and ideally achieve a moisture content of somewhere around 10% (optimum moisture apparently!) before fitting.

Time passed and as of writing (December 24th 2009), my floor has still not arrived…

Over the months in response to my requests for details of its whereabouts, I’ve been informed that it was at a port in the UK, then back in Hong Kong waiting for a container boat to be filled (even European oak goes to the far East for processing supposedly – it’s a crazy world) then most recently in Folkestone docks…well travelled wood this…

But, at last I have a delivery date – 29th of December, we’ll see…

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