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Building Progress ~ August 2009

Category: Barn Conversion Journal September 6th, 2009 by mbc

The rainy damp Summer of 2009 continues … damply …

I’ve completed regrouting the grubby bathroom tiling at long last. I’ve not fully cleaned them yet as I’m trying to avoid spending any more time on tiles at least for the next few weeks.

The travertine floors downstairs have been completed and look great. I’ll publish some more pictures as and when we get it things a bit more shipshape – the sink is currently in the middle of the living area having been moved out of the way to allow tiling in the kitchen.

I’ve made a slow start on finishing the untreated oak stairs and bannisters having started sanding and filling. This is the next indoor focus for me.

The kitchen is pretty well getting there now, the sideboard has been put together, corner unit assembled (after having to rework one of the end pieces having been supplied with two the same, rather than two opposing pieces) and wall and shelf units have been put up (and stayed up so far – touching wood on that one).

Outside work has started on the paths so at least we can get in and out without a trail of mud … as I said, this has been a very damp Summer …

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