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My Barn Conversion


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Category: Barn Conversion Journal September 3rd, 2009 by mbc

As I’ve already mentioned I bought a chandelier from Scavengers. It looked great on the web:

My Chandelier

Not too fancy (if that can be said of any chandelier and I think I’m having second thoughts on that one), classy (well I thought it was when I bought it) and in pretty good condition. When it arrived, well packaged but obviously traumatised from a boisterous journey that condition had somewhat deteriorated.

Now the crystals have mainly come off their fixings and I’d sure the metal body of the chandelier has a slight twist in it (that wasn’t there on the original photograph).

I’ve ordered some additional parts – a couple of brass chains, some of the small bow shaped metal clasps that are used fix the crystals in place and a brass hook for attaching the whole thing to the ceiling.

I’ll have to see if my craft skills, I’ll being getting the brasso out soon, are up to reassembling the parts to make a chandelier worthy of hanging in quite a prominent place in the galleried part of the barn.

I’ll post again once it’s up and lit.

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