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Building Progress ~ July 2009

Category: Barn Conversion Journal August 4th, 2009 by mbc

On into the rainy damp Summer of 2009..

My bathroom tiling continues. I actually finished it once, but being unhappy with the grouting decided to regrout! Not quite as barmy as it sounds. I’m using white grout as I thought it would look cleaner in a bathroom, but mistakenly I rather carelessly sealed the tiles after grouting and left a dirty reside on the grout. I should have sealed more carefully and cleaned the grouting before it dried – hey, you live an learn.

I’m really happy with the solar panels and heating system – the panels have been up and running for extended periods and I’ve topped up the system by firing up the stove. The panels are keeping the water at between 40 and 60 degrees celsius (on and following a sunny day). A fire in the stove, even a short lived one, burning undried ash boosts that another 10 degrees or so.

The main excitement is that tiling of the down stairs floors with the travertine I bought a month or so ago has started. Really happy so far, the colour is great, doing away with the my initial concerns that it would be too yellowy - can’t wait to see it finished. Photo’s soon.

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    […] and clean the grouted joints, before the sealant dries, otherwise you may end up suffering the purgatory of resealing. If you enjoyed that post, then read these…”Starter for 10″ series on MBC on August 20th, […]

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