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The Low Carbon Transition Plan

Category: News July 17th, 2009 by mbc

I like some of the headlines coming out of the Low Carbon Transition plan. The two that catch my eye especially are:

  • Financial incentives for home generation.
  • Paying for the creation of woodland.

I’d love to be able to commission a wind turbine (so long as it was quiet) or get some photo-voltaics up and running and at least generate a portion of my own electricity – selling an excess back to the grid would be the cherry on the cake.

Getting paid for transforming a few acres into woodland is something I’d love to do and that would make a lot of sense for the barn. It may also be the solution to my problematic overgrown fields – can’t even give the grass away at the moment!

I hope the headlines match up to reality some time soon.

One to watch…

The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan

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