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Attention to detail… May 2009 update

Category: Barn Conversion Journal May 19th, 2009 by mbc

You (still) can’t beat a good list (see the bottom of this post for the previous ones) – this is the current position:

In Progress

  • Flooring and tiling
    We’ve bought slate wall and floor tiles for both bathrooms and travertine for the ground floor. Finally, we’ve also selected oak flooring for the first floor. No more tiles to buy – hooray!
  • Internal doors We’ll go for relatively traditional hardwood doors, but not ordered yet.
  • Storage
    We’ve got a utility area in the kitchen and will install cupboards in the dressing area (including on the high wall above the door to the landing), under the stairs and in second bedroom. We will install shelving on the landing and hopefully find some really neat storage solutions for various other nooks and crannies – continuing investigations!
  • Lighting
    Pretty much all bought – details soon.
  • Appliances
    Still Need: Cooker, fridge-freezer, washing machine, TV.
    money, money, money
    Got: multi-fuel stove.
  • Furniture
    Still Need: Beds, dining table and chairs.
    Settee and chairs have been bought.
  • Paint Internal and external
    Internal paint is clay based and the first coat has been applied (except in the bedrooms). We will use eco-gloss where woodwork is to be glossed, although this will be minimal. A subtle shade of green has been selected for the exterior paint work – picture soon!
  • New – Wood Store
    Build an external, wood store from wood and slate in the yard for storage of firewood.
  • New – Treat internal woodwork
    Wax (and otherwise treat) all the internal woodwork, especially the stairs and bannisters.
  • New – Progress Kitchen
    Complete assembly and installation of the kitchen units.
  • New – Progress Bathroom
    Install shower cubicles and clean, grout and seal all tiling.
  • New – Shutters
    Find affordable (under £3000 which is the quote I currently have) for shutters for the yard side window.

Previous lists:
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