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Boxing Clever?

Category: Barn Conversion Journal May 12th, 2009 by mbc

I have a rather tricky carpentry challenge in that my hot water cylinder / accumulator and the all the paraphernalia associated with my solar panels, hot water & heating system has grown beyond any expectations and has now occupied a large corner of the second bedroom.

The challenge of how to box this in (or at least camouflage it from view) is one that stumps me, go on take a look and see what you think

(This isn’t even the most recent picture, things are now even more complex)

To make matters even more complex, note a) that this all sits below a Velux window – how can I box it in without boxing in the window? and note b) there is a water header tank in the only place it could be – awkwardly above the only door into the room.

And yes, I hold my hands up – it’s all my fault as I decided to remove the airing cupboard from the plans, I also sited the equipment where it is (it sits on a supporting beam so there is some logic in it) and thought that was the best place for the Velux to be located – guilty as charged.

If anyone can suggest how to tidy up this plumbing, piping, tanking puzzle I’d be most grateful…

Answers on a postcard please (there may even be a prize)…

A couple of other angles:

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