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Stove – Flue – Chimney

Category: Barn Conversion Journal April 1st, 2009 by mbc

Hey, in the words of the song, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad … I can do stove & flue, but chimney is outside …

From MyBarnConversion 2009

I really like this photograph as is shows both floors in one picture and the progression of the flue, from the stove, up through the first floor bedroom then through the ceiling to the roof (trust me, my new header image will show the chimney).

+ there’s a special guest appearance from TC (see if you can spot here) – applause please, just like the Fonz entering a scene on Happys Days…

I’m happy that we decided to route the flue through the building – adds character, but also keeps valuable heat in the building, rather than wasting it externally.

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3 Responses

  1. Building Progress ~ March 2009 | my barn conversion Says:

    […] Stove – Flue – Chimney […]

  2. John Russell Says:

    I’ve agree about putting the flue up through the house. I’ve done several conversions now and done exactly the same.

    What did you do about the air supply? Regs demand an air brick to the outside somewhere within the room (I’m assuming the stove is 5kW+). The latest recommendation is to use a room-sealed system where outside air is piped directly to the stove. This prevents unwanted draughts — which go against everything one is trying to achieve with insulation.

  3. mbc Says:

    Hi John,

    We kept it simple. You can’t see it in the picture above as it came later, but there’s an air brick (external) and vent (internal) just to the left of the stove. You can just see it in this picture.

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