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Building Progress ~ December 2008

Category: Barn Conversion Journal January 15th, 2009 by mbc

The fact that I’m writing my December update in the middle of January tells a story of its own. The cold weather & Christmas have slowed down activity to a barely perceptible drag.

The stove eventually turned up after several phone calls and a nagging doubt over claims of what was in stock and what wasn’t – the stove was in the free enamelled stove pipe that I didn’t even need wasn’t and so dispatch was delayed (not that anyone told me that was the case). Anyway, now we have it, just a shame that it’s sitting coldly gathering dust.

Painting has been interrupted mainly by frozen paint and all other associated liquids. One weekend, we even had to resort to assembling kitchen furniture instead of completing the painting of the down-stairs ceilings.

Glad to report my dehumidifier seems to be keeping the levels damp in the barn in check.

Here’s to a juicier January (or February) update!

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