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Wales’ Zero Carbon Dream

Category: News December 31st, 2008 by mbc

Zero Carbon is a term that ‘haunts’ me a lot (I need to get out more).

Our barn won’t be zero carbon, for a number of reasons, but mainly because it would have cost too much. I’m sure that the time will come in the not too distant future when photovoltaics (the only sensible option to paying back all that carbon you emit elsewhere) can be installed for a reasonable capital cost and with a reasonable payback period and so the balance will tip. But crucially, that balance has yet to tip.

When I read that Wales intends to steal a march on the rest of the UK by setting a date of 20ll by which all new buildings will be zero carbon, my interest (and I must admit cynicism) is piqued. I’ve had enough financial and (mostly understandable) bureaucratic difficultly in installing solar panels, let alone anything more ambitious. So I thought to dig deeper…

With further research the politics start to poke through…

Environment minister Carwyn Jones said: “We will be opening discussions with the UK government on the devolution of the building regulations which would allow us to set out a standard framework, including zero carbon, for all buildings, whatever their source of funding, which is tailor made for Wales.”
He added: “Once these regulations are devolved, it will allow us to move further and faster on achieving zero carbon on all new buildings in Wales.”


So is this about the environment or deregulation?

It also looks like a committee has been formed >> Ref

Beyond that I’m struggling (if you can help me out with further information please do so, I’d be most grateful).

So, with two years to go this looks like one to watch…

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