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Items ‘ordinarily’ incorporated in a building

Category: Barn Conversion Journal November 11th, 2008 by mbc

Having spent much time pawing over VAT documentation in preparation for my VAT reclaim I discovered that the HM Revenue & Customs definition of items ‘ordinarily’ incorporated in a building makes for interesting reading and may suggest a few VAT free inclusions for your design.

In short, you can claim for building materials that are ordinarily incorporated into that type of building during the course of the conversion. These include:

  • Air conditioning; Not good for the environment – definitely not encouraged!
  • Dust extractors and filters (including built-in vacuum cleaners); Built in vacuum cleaners! – Cool!
  • Flooring materials (not carpets); If you needed an excuse for tiled or wooden floors this may be it.
  • Light fittings (including chandeliers); Chandeliers for the country estate.
  • Saunas; Tipping our British hats to our Scandinavian cousins – great for cleaning the pores.
  • Solar panels; Go on you know it makes sense.
  • Solid fuel cookers and oil-fired boilers;
  • Swimming pools inside the building, including water heaters and filters but not diving boards and other specialist equipment; Go swimming on the VAT man, but no diving boards!
  • Turf, plants and trees (as detailed on a landscaping scheme approved by a planning authority);
  • Fencing permanently erected around the boundary of the dwelling;
  • Wiring (including power circuits and computer, telephone and TV cabling). Boys toy wiring is VAT deductible!

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