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My Barn Conversion


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MBC Photos now on Flickr

Category: Site Announcements November 2nd, 2008 by mbc

With the somewhat baffling success of our YouTube videos now playing on Channel MBC …

(Serving over 1,000 discerning TV viewers to date!)

I thought I should turn my attention to still photographs and using the best of the web to make them available to you.

Please join our new My Barn Conversion flickr group

My intention is to use this feed for pictures of progress and key stages and developments. Keep checking back!

bochgoch's my barn conversion - progress photoset bochgoch’s my barn conversion – progress photoset

You might also like to view my more arty photographs under the name of bochgoch.

bochgoch's bochgoch photoset bochgoch’s bochgoch photoset

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