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ruralZED ~ Zero Carbon Home

Category: News August 27th, 2008 by mbc

If it wasn’t for the fact that we’ll be completely broke by the time we complete this project, I’d love to explore the ruralZED potentially zero carbon home.

I say potentially as the eco housing system that is ruralZED can be specified to achieve different levels of the Code For Sustainable Homes right up to level 6 and being carbon negative.

RuralZED is so named not because they are designed to be built in fields down sleepy lanes, but as a reference to its frugal embodied energy and relatively low density development…

ZED stands for Zero (Fossil) Energy Development. RuralZED is a way of reminding everyone that the majority of the UK’s housing functions at a lower density than the urban developments that sometimes command a lot of attention.

On paper it seems like a great system, starting with a basic code level 3 home, that is pretty highly specified and includes such features as super insulation, airtightness, triple-A rated appliances, low energy lighting, low water fittings and a ‘living’ flat roof, from there it is then possible to bolt-on additional green technologies such as PV panels and rain-water harvesting to move up the code levels. Homes can be designed and built to clients wishes, but with sustainability and the Code for Sustainable Homes at the top of the agenda at all times.

Whilst these buildings may not offer the individuality that I’d prefer, the modularity appeals (as it would to anyone who as a little boy loved making models) and the pragmatic and potentially self-sufficient nature of the buildings is at the levels I feel we should all be aiming for in these days of increasing energy prices and ecological concerns.

Anyway, enough of my crude assessment, take a look and make up your mind for yourself … ruralZED ~ Zero Carbon Home

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