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Building Progress ~ July 2008

Category: Barn Conversion Journal August 5th, 2008 by mbc

July has been a good month with much progress.

new window
new window

All the windows, except for the one in the kitchen, are in. As I’ve previously commented, I’m really pleased with the windows, great quality, well made and sit in harmony with the building.

I’ve also removed the gutters and downpipes and repainted the weather-boards in preparation for the new aluminium rainwater system that we’re going to install.

My repointing is progressing, not quite as slowly as I thought (I’m getting quicker!), but I’ve perhaps underestimated the amount of work — I’ll be posting more on my lime repointing saga shortly.

The plaster-boarding is coming on and the interior starting to take shape in terms of its final form.

new window
newly plaster boarded ventilation slit

I must admit that I’d never really thought about how much work there would be in getting the plasterboard just right so that the internal finishes are up to scratch and all the new internal construction (the wooden frame that carries the insulation & the first floor) ties in with the original structure. One of those jobs where you really have to know what you’re doing and experience is essential (and I’m glad I’ve not got to try and do!).

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