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Insulation ~ Cellulose Fibre

Category: insulation July 27th, 2008 by mbc

Often made from recycled newspapers, cellulose fibre is a loose fill insulation.

As a loose fill insulation it does not come in blankets, sheets or boards, rather as a loose fibres that are blown or laid into place and must be protected from drafts or breezes. Additionally, to maintain optimal performance it must be kept dry. It is treated with boron salts to provide insect protection and fire resistance. It can absorb and release moisture without significant impact on its insulating characteristics.

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  • Non-toxic & non-irritating.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Renewable.
  • Locks in carbon.
  • Low embodied energy. As little energy is consumed in its production, Cellulose Fibre has one of the lowest embodied energy ratings of all types of insulation.
  • Loose Fill. Easy to install – no tools required. Protection from the wind and rain is necessary. Can be applied by sprayer. Can be used to fill irregular shapes that may otherwise be awkward to insulate in and around.

Note: Compression of the fibre must be avoided – without sufficient trapped air insulating effectiveness will be compromised.

Cellulose Fibre has a thermal conductivity or K value of 0.035 W/m.K.
(Watts per meter Kelvin ~ a lower value is a better result)

Made on a relatively large scale from recycled materials, costs are reasonable.

Representative cost:
Usually for sale in bags.
Approximate cost per square metre at 100mm depth is around £4.

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