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Building Progress ~ May 2008

Category: Barn Conversion Journal June 3rd, 2008 by mbc

May has been a month of windows.

roof lights on barn
The roof lights in the western elevation

We now have a six ‘velux’ type windows in the roof, a new window opening in the south facing gable-end of the barn and the ventilation (arrow) slits have been glazed.

The amount of light that the new roof lights let into the building comes as a real surprise. Obviously they were going to brighten things up, but we’ve gone from a dull shadowy first floor of the building to one that is light and bright.

The new window in the gable-end is also a small triumph as it will provide views across the valley toward the Black Mountain (Incidentally, there is a great map of the Brecon Beacons and the various constituent ranges here). I’ll publish a photo as soon as I can take one … the opening is temporarily covered over whilst building progresses.

glazed ventilation slit
glazed ventilation slit

My much favoured arrow slits have also been glazed. They are now double glazing, with the glazing units set back in the openings. Whilst they won’t provide significant amounts of light, the intense strip of light that they admit when struck directly by sunlight and the glimpses of the outside that they provide are both beguiling.

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3 Responses

  1. A Room With A View | my barn conversion Says:

    […] I promised I’d post a picture of the view from the gable end bedroom so here it is. the view across the valley […]

  2. Steve Turner Says:

    I like the glazing detail for the slit windows. Could you let me know how it is achieved.
    Is the double glazed unit just bonded to the stonework and sealed. Was there much preparation of the existing stonework before fixing.

    Well done


  3. mbc Says:

    Thanks Steve,

    I can’t take any of the credit personally – wasn’t me but a clever builder. The glazing units were bonded to the existing stonework with little preparation of the actual stonework. The glazing was sized to fit with any gaps filled. Plaster board has since been fixed into the ventilation slits, right up to the glazing as you’ll see on my July update.

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