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Pellet Stoves – a current evaluation

Category: Systems of interest March 5th, 2008 by mbc

I feel like I’ve somewhat misrepresented pellet stoves in the past.

To recap, pellet stoves are wood burners with a difference, they burn pellets made from pressed waste wood, that are feed from a hopper into a combustion chamber all of which is often controlled electronically.

I’m sure no-one has really been reading who’ll take offence, but I feel that I should redress the balance. When writing about biomass heating, I stated that:

biomass systems are often bulky and so can require extensive storage space for both fuel and machinery

…with no statement of assumptions and seemingly no exceptions.

After further research, I’ve found some nifty looking pellet stoves such a those from Rika, that offer full biomass credentials whilst remaining compact in size and offering levels of control not available with more crudely fuelled wood or multi-fuel burners. I especially like the Rika option that allows remote control of the system by mobile telephone. Read More

So, to redress the balance: Biomass can be compact as well as clean and green!

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One Response

  1. Thomas Says:

    There’s some of these stoves that also burn things like corn and cherry pits. I’ve always wanted one, as it is now I heat a 1600 1960’s home with wood and electric oil filled heaters.

    Would LOVE a biomass furnace. We have a cherry processor about 50 or 60 miles away, and all the commodity corn a guy could want…

    Plus being able to handle bags of pellets rather than 5 chords of wood that needs chopped, stacked, moved etc. etc. would be nice.

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