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Building Progress ~ February 2008, week 4

Category: Barn Conversion Journal March 3rd, 2008 by mbc

We have walls.

walls under construction

Well at least partially, the partition walls have started to be built in the kitchen, to form a utility / services room & a small WC and upstairs, to form the second bedroom, main bathroom and ensuite / dressing area (if you can call a meter-&-a-half corridor a dressing area).

This dressing area is an example of how you need to remain flexible when planning the internal layout of a conversion. This area started out as a strange 1 meter wide space. However, as the walls were placed in relation to the A-frames of the roof, the velux windows positioned and the true dimensions of the barn discovered (the original plans were out by enough to make a difference) I think we’ve been able to make good use of the space and provide rooms that are big enough, but not wasteful. And so my strange 1 meter wide space has transformed into a dressing area – magic!

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  1. andrea Says:

    Hi great blog, i’m glad you are making so much progress. Unfortunately my barn is not!I have a blog Good luck

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