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Building Progress ~ February 2008, week 2

Category: Barn Conversion Journal February 19th, 2008 by mbc

Whilst the insulation continues to be installed into the roof of the barn, I have a admission to make… despite eco aims and intentions I’ve not been precious in ensuring that the insulation products we are using adhere to this ethos.

roof insulation

To be honest, I find the various pro’s and con’s of individual insulation solutions tortuous and often divisive. Questions such as:

  • How far has it travelled?
  • What chemicals have been used in its manufacture?
  • Is local rock-wool greener than chemical impregnated sheep’s wool that has travelled far and wide chewing up carbon as it goes?

…serve to cloud issues and make decision making time consuming and potentially costly. That of course is an excuse and a pretty poor one at that! Our Quinn Therm roof insulation has a couple of saving graces, it’s manufactured in South Wales (I think) and it’s what my builder selected so he’s happy to work with it and knows what he’s doing with it, sorry but sometimes pragmatism has to win.

Anyone think I’ve done the wrong thing?

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2 Responses

  1. Lynds Says:

    It’s so hard isn’t it. I am a trustee of a not for profit which promotes green building and it stumps us every time. It’s such a shame that no-one has at least made the leap that all those sheep we have on our mountains, whose fleeces are burnt because it’s just not financially worth it, cannot contribute to a Welsh sheep fleece insulation industry. Anyone fancy setting up a business?

  2. mbc Says:

    ‘I am a trustee of a not for profit’

    … I think that may be something we have in common! … I’ll drop you an email.

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