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Clay Based Paint

Category: Products & Materials February 16th, 2008 by mbc

I’ve recently been undertaking some redecorating (not at the barn – we’re not that advanced yet) and as part of the healthy house ethos that I’m following, I thought I’d explore the possibility of using natural paints. I chose to use earthBorn clay paint as an alternative to a standard emulsion for painting internal walls. Not only can it offer the health benefits I seek, as in it:

# minimises condensation and deters fungal growth such as mildew
# [is] water-borne, VOC free, low odour
# [is] highly breathable, making for a more comfortable living environment and minimising the impact of damp
# [offers a] beneficial impact on health for many allergy and asthma sufferers

…but it gives a lovely tactile finish, to the touch – it has a warmth and the comfortable feel of an unglazed pot. In the room I’ve used it, the ivory finish is rich and smooth to the eye.

Whilst a little more expensive than a standard emulsions, it compares favourably with premium brands at £39 for 5 litres. A further benefit is that as it’s water-borne it washes easily off the brush or roller.

All-in-all thoroughly recommended.

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5 Responses

  1. Lynds Says:

    and can I just say the lack of smell is fantastic – you paint your walls and then you suddenly notice there is not that pungent and overpowering smell of a newly decorated room. I am a complete convert to the stuff and think it’s a beautiful way to decorate!

  2. g66 Says:

    Hi there,

    I have also been using clay paint; any tips on how to improve the finish? I’ve been rollering then bruhsing with a dry emulsion brush but it’s still quite patchy.

  3. mbc Says:


    I’ve been applying at least two coats of paint thickly with a roller.

    I guess product is also important – which ‘brand’ are you using?

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