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Green = Mean ?

Category: Barn Conversion Journal November 12th, 2007 by mbc

I’ve spent the day practicing my version of precision carpentry cladding openings of my big metal shed. My approach to carpentry is based on one of the many mantra’s of someone of great wisdom who used to work with my father and brother:
wood cladding

Measure twice, cut once.

I have finely tuned this to:

Measure once, cut once. (It’ll be OK)

Thus saving a third of the time that would otherwise be spent 😉

Whilst hacking away roughly at the wood I’ve reused from the animal stalls in the barn I got to thinking about the wisdom of what I was doing. Rather than buying new wood I’ve reused some old hardwood and in so doing perhaps doubled the amount of work I need to do. I have to select the sound planks, ensure they still have tongue and groove intact then remove the old rusty nails. Once prepared I can cut to size and nail in place. So I’ve saved money and done my green duty both of which I’ve paid for with time. In these time poor days I have to ask myself is that a cost in time that I can afford to pay?

But, thinking further on this green duty (this was pretty dull work) it became clear to me that one of the major influences on me when I take green action is my innate meanness (some may call it thrift). So yes, to me:

Green = Mean

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