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I’m certainly no bathroom designer / the strange 1 metre wide space

Category: Barn Conversion Journal November 8th, 2007 by mbc

The original plans for the barn had two largish bathrooms one of which contained an airing cupboard that to my mind was a waste of space. Not being a person who knows when to stop meddling, I decided to remove the airing cupboard, add an ante-room to the main bedroom’s en-suite and move one of the walls. This created a rather strange 1 metre wide space of limited value.

Whilst getting quotes from builders it came to light that we’d allowed for one doorway too few to be cut through the main internal stone wall of the barn (the left-most wall on the plan). There should have been one into the bedroom from the landing and one into the en-suite from the bedroom. This is when my strange 1 metre wide space came into its own. As can be seen on my new plan – the space will become the corridor into the main bedroom suite (as I’ll now rather grandly call it) with room for some additional storage.

This is the result of my first foray into drawing building plans – not bad in my opinion, but I promise I’ll not make a habit of it …

my bathroom design

(I’m not sure about that door opening out into the landing at the top of the stairs – any suggestions welcomed!)

…as I said I’m certainly no bathroom designer

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