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My Barn Conversion


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New Pictures ~ Before

Category: Barn Conversion Journal November 6th, 2007 by mbc

I’ve been promising these for a while, but eventually I’ve got there.

I’d added a whole new set of photographs of the barn to the site that I’ll use as my before photo’s. Hopefully, I can use these to demonstrate progress as the conversion goes on. Some of them are similar to other pictures I’ve taken in the past, but all these are new, taken at the end of October 2007 just before work began. That clear blue sky is typical of the weather we get in West Wales at that time of year (well at least sometimes) …

Here’s to progress…

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Last year I noticed that there was a colony of bees living in the base of a red wood tree near my garden gate.

category: ‘Barn Conversion Journal

Fireworks 2011
I thought I’d make my own fireworks this year.

category: ‘Barn Conversion Journal

Interesting earthship greenhouse project on Kickstarter
I really like this Kickstarter project >> The Farm of the Future: Earthship-Inspired Greenhouse This project is “Prototyping the First 100% Off-The-Grid, Affordable, Low-Maintenance Greenhouse using Earthship Principles and Aquaponics”.

category: ‘Barn Conversion Journal

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