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My Barn Conversion


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Here we go…

Category: Barn Conversion Journal October 31st, 2007 by mbc

So the time has come to stop skirting around the fringes of this project and crack-on down the path that leads from barn to barn conversion (what a difference a word makes).

The builder started work yesterday, although I’ve not seen what’s been done, (I’m retaining a aloof distance for the next few days and avoiding the muck and machinery of the groundworks – although my father might sneek over later to take a look) with an end-date of next May for the major building work.

I took the opportunity at the weekend to take a full range of ‘before’ pictures that will help chart the journey to ‘after’ – here’s hoping for a pleasant journey.

[new photo’s will be posted shortly – keep reading mbc!]

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2 Responses

  1. Craig Says:

    Good luck 😉

    We’ve embarked on a similar project, just down the road from you (about 10miles outside Brecon!), but our starting point began a little more habitable.

    Not for long once the builders started, as we’ve ripped the roof off, dropped some walls for screens and are currently without floors. At the moment we’re engaged in sorting out the basement and floors and I think I’m going thru similar issues with selecting heating, etc.

    Found a ‘good’ ground source heat pump supplier yet?

    I think May/June should be around our targetted completion frame, money permitting …

    Might be interesting to compare notes …


  2. mbc Says:

    Good to hear from you Craig …

    GSHP supplier is in the pipeline, nothing firm yet but I’ll post when I have someone.

    Keep us updated regarding your progress & Good Luck!

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