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Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain….

Category: Barn Conversion Journal July 24th, 2007 by mbc

Seems to me that the negativity around the recent ‘British Monsoons’ is getting out of hand. If you’ve been flooded out, then fair enough, but for those of us lucky enough to live on high ground, let’s stop moaning!

let it rain

So in my attempt to redress the balance here are my reasons for embracing the rainy weather.

  • A least we’re not moaning that it’s too hot as we would be if the sun was out.
  • The garden is happy… it’s too wet to cut the grass and there is no need to water the plants (hooray!)
  • They can’t enforce a hose-pipe ban (can they?)
  • I can happily sit and watch the rain rather than rush around like a lunatic trying to get all those summertime jobs done.


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    […] Looking back through previous posts on mbc I discovered that Summer had been elusive last year as well … when I intoned let-it-rain-let-it-rain-let-it-rain. […]

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