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My Barn Conversion


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Big Metal Shed

Category: Barn Conversion Journal July 16th, 2007 by mbc

I’ve been at the barn for a few days, digging holes, hitting things with hammers & lugging things around with a wheelbarrow – my builder competency level is somewhere around that of navvy.
my shed!
The most constructive of my efforts has been in putting walls up on a previously opened sided barn using corrugated galvanised sheets.

The barn had three open sides, with one wall and the roof already built from galvanised sheets. Therefore, the most obvious way to build the remaining walls was to use the same material. I’ve left the front open as we’ll reuse some of the barn doors on it.

This choice of materials did give me some slight pause in its selection from a sustainable / green perspective. However, as the choice of material was so obvious and if properly maintained these sheets can last a very long time I didn’t worry for too long.

Other options would have been nice; local, sustainable timber cladding or similar, would I’m sure have been nice, but the sourcing of such a product eluded me and if found I’m sure the cost and the extra work involved would have frightened me off.

Am I being practical or just lazy?

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  1. Green = Mean ? | my barn conversion Says:

    […] spent the day practicing my version of precision carpentry cladding above the doors of my big metal shed. It is based on one of the many mantra’s of someone of great wisdom who used to work with my […]

  2. paul camilli Says:

    i love your big metal shed but then i’m a big fan of crinkly tin and i think the time spent on reclaiming the wood from your animal stalls was well spent. don’t think it’s a green or mean issue from my experiance it’s just better wood!

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