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Gas Pipeline Woes

Category: Barn Conversion Journal June 23rd, 2007 by mbc

A rainbow rose over the pipeline today!

I must admit I loathe the thing. It’s a great example of the way that big corporate culture rules this country and steam-rollers everything in its way, be that our heritage (Roman road found at gas pipeline) or our opinions (Final pipeline protester removed).

the gas pipeline

It is also an example of our governments inability to join any two thoughts together. They talk zero carbon, they talk green then allow this monstrosity to cut a wide swathe across some of our most ancient and beautiful countryside, bringing a dwindling supply of gas to fuel our inefficient heating systems in our poorly designed & insulated homes.
(Aside: I wonder if the same thing would happen across the Cotswolds with its weekend deluge of migratory Range Rovers?)

In relation to the barn, it cuts its way across the countryside all around, making a half circle around us, but thankfully not coming too close, the drone of diggers and clank of machinery a counterpoint to the bird song.

We drove to Warwickshire along the M50 last weekend and there it was, poking its yellow serpentine head towards us a Newent.
(Another Aside: I’m sure as a work of engineering it’s very impressive and a great achievement ~ but what if all that effort had been put into something really worthwhile?)

It’s obvious that there’s no stopping it now, so I’ve resigned myself to it and just look forward to it disappearing beneath the ground and to the landscape being restored (as has been promised). Then perhaps that rainbow could be truly enjoyed.

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3 Responses

  1. Lynds Says:

    It’s so true isn’t it! If this were to happen in a richer area it would be slated and the concept would be destroyed. Some of my friends were protesting at various places en route and the locals were so welcoming and just relieved that someone was listening to their side! I’m afraid the greenwash continues when you consider the proposed barrage which will destroy the Severn and whilst it might produce 5% of current electricity requirements it will have produced an awful lot of carbon in the process!

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    […] As I’ve said before, I don’t think the same thing would happen in the Cotswolds. […]

  3. The four new English “eco-towns” | my barn conversion Says:

    […] my first thought was ‘glad they’re not on my doorstep’ , but then I have a bloody big gas pipeline on mine since 2007 so feel that I’ve done my bit in regard to what’s on and not on my […]

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