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Category: Healthy House May 30th, 2007 by mbc

There is a growing body of research that suggests that exposure to electric & electromagnetic fields especially from high voltage sources may be detrimental to health.

Electric fields are produced wherever and whenever there is a flow of voltage. This occurs through any electric cable or appliance even when it is switched off.

Electromagnetic fields are only present where current is flowing and the appliance is switched on. It is electromagnetic field pollution (EMF’s) that is of most concern. EMF’s have been linked with many health concerns, including, immune system disorders, cancers, leukaemia, depression & allergies.

Distance is the easiest way to avoid these fields, but where this is not possible, electrical cables can be shielded with metal trunking to prevent electric fields. Electro-magnetic fields are more difficult to combat requiring clever well design electrical wiring – radial rather than ring wiring being one potentially effective approach.

Clever design (for example, keep electrical cables as far as possible from the sleeping, seating areas etc. ) combined with protective measures can be incorporated into a build to minimise the potential harmful effects of electromagnetic field pollution.

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