Where have all the builders gone?

Having embarked on this crazy journey I thought we should try to firm up on exactly what it will cost.

Easier said than done – my list of builders, kindly compiled by my father, has proven to be a series of unanswered calls and conversations with wives and children.

bbbrriinngg,bbbrriinngg…bbbrriinngg,bbbrriinngg {echoes in my ears}

Author: mbc

This is the story of MY barn conversion

9 thoughts on “Where have all the builders gone?”

  1. Hi there – we are just about to embark on a similar journey as yourselves a little further up the valley – about 15 minutes from Llandeilo. I assume the serious lack of available builders is still the same?

  2. Hi Lynds, nice to hear from you, I have a builder now but they do take some finding. Ask around and get some recommendations, get quotes and then be prepared to wait a while for the builder you like to come available. Good Luck with your search.

    I’ve just been looking at your website, nice photographs! Make sure you submit your site to one of my other projects http://www.welshdirectory.com/ I’d like to feature your site & work – make sure you take a look at the blog on that site while you’re there, weirdly it looks like we both have an appreciation for Cardiff graffiti!

  3. Hi there – We have an architect friend in cardiff who has a few builder friends in the area (so hopefully will be a little less painful but no guarantees!). Thanks for your feedback on the website yep I have to say I do love a bit of Cardiff graffiti! ;-). Will go and check out your other site now.. am afraid I’ve been a bit slack at keeping the photo website up due to planning our adventure in a barn. Your barn does look rather beautiful btw and it is just such a fabulous spot isn’t it.. would be great to pop over and meet you guys when we are in our caravan..being gusted around by the winter winds ;-D

  4. Hi, I am a builder who specialises in the use of Lime. Willing to travel and available for work in South Wales. I’m a stone mason who can also Lime plaster and have a friend who can do most aspects of timber work. Please bear me in mind for future jobs. Thanks, Stu

  5. I am thinking of buying a barn for myself and would be gratfull if someone could give me a ballpark figure as to how much this is likly to cost .As im on a budget i would like to get an idea so then Iknow if i can do this

  6. That’s a bit of a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question miss dee ennis and obviously depends on location, the approach you take to the project (architect / main contractor / self-managed with sub-contractors etc.) and the specification & finishes.

    If forced to put my neck on the line, I’d say a minimum of £250,000 in the UK for a decent sized barn (2+ bedrooms) in a rural location.

    Despite the slumping UK housing market, barns suitable for conversion are a rare commodity these days and so prices are likely to remain pretty consistent.

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