2 thoughts on “Step 2 = the root of all evil”

  1. just found a barn we want to convert and Im liking your website as a complete novice in this field, going to see it in 2 days time – full planning luckily, does this mean its had a structural survey done already ?

    who are barn friendly lenders, can you list any ?
    How do you work out a budget? hard to judge at the mo as its an open book!

  2. Janzbro, nice to see your enthusiasm…

    Full planning for a conversion is based around a set of plans that are based on the original building, that the planners are minded to let the owner build – there’s little consideration given to how achievable that is or the likely cost. It’s unlikely that a structural survey has been done at this stage unless the current vendor at some time intended to do the conversion themself.

    I’m not sure there are too many friendly lenders at the moment… unless the building is habitable you immediately cut out most lenders. I’ve used Buildstore in the past, who as a specialist broker (they won’t lend to you themselves but they know who will) are a good place to start.

    I’ve written a series of posts on likely costs, follow this link to the first part – how-much-does-a-barn-conversion-cost Basically, I’d work on a rule-of-thumb of £800 – £1500 per-square-metre of floor space. The lower end of the range is for a sound structure, with utilities already on site and with quality (but not luxury) fixtures and fittings. If you have a read of those posts the reason for the wide range should become clearer.

    Keep the questions coming and good luck.

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